Courage In Change

The Courage in Change

I have always been excited about change. Embracing and searching for something to heighten awareness brings me fulfillment. Whether it is tangible or intangible the reward is always there. It is because of this acceptance (or need) for change that I find spiritual meaning (or some would say a purpose) in my work. Accepting change doesn’t come easy for everyone. Helping others adapt to their changing environment is my spiritual work yet it also happens to be my business too! HOW LUCKY AM I, RIGHT? VERY LUCKY! Most of us would agree, that life changes can stir us up inside. What we are faced with determines our response. What about those changes that aren’t so easy to accept? It’s usually a “hell no.” Sometimes we don’t even see the changes that are right in front of us. Either way change is inevitable. It will find us. The spiritual growth that comes from a change in life can be amazing if we let it.

I have been through A LOT of change in my life this year!  It has been a difficult time but since I like change I rolled up my sleeves. I made a commitment to look within.  This is when the learning began. I am grateful for the growth gained even when it was painful. I discovered that helping my clients through change provides me the strength and courage to push forward in my own struggles. In return, they are rewarded the same. We work together on so much more than just living space we work together spiritually. Change (and the challenges it brings) presents us with opportunity to discover more about ourselves. When working with a client who is resistant to change I prepare them for the process by looking within. This is the awareness of change. Many don’t see this as an opportunity or a spiritual wakening. Most of these moments are approached with resistance. Let’s face it, this situation isn’t easy but it’s my favorite part of my spiritual work on a project. I act as a guide to my clients by helping them dig a bit deeper. Assisting them with understanding why they have it and what its purpose is. These can be items as simple as a cabinet with 4 crock pots and 3 blenders, to the collection of stored baby items from a child they lost.  The key is to trust ourselves! Trust that change in life is in front of us and there is spiritual growth ahead. The journey is shared with everyone.  It’s a symbiotic relationship of growth for us both. 

So, how this is spiritual? It’s an awakening, an awareness that change is here. Viewing change as an inevitable part of being human puts us in a world of acceptance of ourselves and everyone around us. It opens a purpose in life which helps you connect on a deeper level within. Learning to trust ourselves is the catalyst to become more fully as who we are. The experience is different for everyone pending on the change but one thing in common is that if we don’t face changes they can manifest into negative behaviors. I encourage you to look beyond crockpots, old photos and a box of keepsakes that keep us weighted down. Begin looking into the eyes of that person staring back at you in the mirror. That’s where the change really begins.  It starts within.  May each day provide something different that offers courage and strength in each of us. Stay curious. Be brave.