I am a Life Transition Specialist: This is why I love what I do!

There was a point in my life where I always found myself searching for that “purpose” Oprah always talked about. I finally found my path.  A business that fits my purpose by using skills I have had my entire life to help others.  I am a Professional Organizer specializing in Life Transitions. 

The past has the ability to decide our future even when we don’t realize it.  There are so many things that we never see coming; I sure didn’t.   One day in June 1999 my life changed forever.  I was seven months pregnant with my daughter at the time.  That morning I woke up with all I had ever wanted and by 3 pm it was gone. The wedding pictures, the baby blanket my grandmother made for me when I was born, the memories that made me who I am, all the adorable baby gifts from the baby shower with the perfectly nested nursery. I felt like I had lost everything in that devastating fire.  As a 29-year old newlywed in our first home, we thought we had it all planned out.   As the wise say, “the joke’s on you”. Though it wasn’t a funny joke, it made me realize life doesn’t always go as planned. This event certainly forced me to grow up and have faith. You see, I never had that one childhood home to grow up in. I was an only child raised by a single working mother; we moved A LOT! Let me clarify; I went to 10 different schools K-12th grade.  It wasn’t easy but I quickly learned how to adapt to change.  This fire certainly brought those survival skills back in motion. It took time, but I soon realized that I had so much more than just the ‘things’ that I lost.  I let instincts take over, gathering what I could salvage and found a place to call home as fast as I could.  I had a husband who loved and supported me, my health, and everything to look forward to.  I realized what I lost did not define me and that I gained so much more from enduring the tragic event.

Fast forward 18 years I have 3 daughters and more “stuff” to own and more to pay for, I’m sure you can relate. These past experiences and struggles paved my path to help others through their life transitions.  I certainly have been through many myself so I know I possess the ability to help others going through changes in life.  I have the moving skills down; I have the understanding of loss and “letting go” of belongings (the fire forced me to). But mostly I know how to adapt to change. I relate/connect to every client I meet. I create solutions that adapt to their needs, not mine. I’ll admit my Business Communications degree gives me the knowledge, but it’s the experience that gives me the edge.  Listen, anyone can come in and organize your stuff, your life, your space. But it takes someone who has walked a similar path, someone who can truly listen to unspoken words, to make that lasting impact for you and your family.  Life transitions come with uncertainty, fear, excitement, and joy! I want to be there for my clients.  I want to make it a positive outcome and help figure out what to do and how to do it. Change is inevitable; it’s how we handle it that matters.

I am in the middle of yet another life transition.  I am preparing for my oldest daughter to go away to college.  Though this is new and unfamiliar territory for me, I am able to pull out those old survival skills. I am finding serenity and I know you can too! It is amazing the jewels you will find during self-discovery. You can trust you have the wisdom of a professional and friend nearby during YOUR life transition.  I’m here for you when you need a helping hand or just a boost. 

I’ll leave you with what guides me through those times of fear and doubt.  You are worth more than you expected. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.