what we do

Sooner or later, most people reach a point where the sheer volume of objects in their living space becomes unmanageable and daily life becomes stressful. Whether you need help adjusting to a new lifestyle or you’re just feeling overwhelmed by clutter, NEU Spaces engineers customized solutions that put control back in your hands.


As we age, it gets harder to keep track of belongings and maintain essential routines. And that can be unsettling. NEU Spaces provides the empathy and know-how to help you age confidently, securely and gracefully.


Aging in Place: We’ll help you identify, organize and distribute any items you no longer need. NEU Spaces can arrange closets and cabinets for easy access and ensure your home meets safety and accessibility standards. We also develop easy-to-follow systems to help you stay on top of daily, weekly and monthly routines—like bills and appointments—all with an extra helping of compassion and kindness.

Senior Transitions: If you or a loved one is relocating to an independent or assisted living community, our experts will smooth out the process. We take a hands-on approach to getting you settled in—with as much continuity and caring as possible. That includes sourcing real estate agents, finding movers, doing space planning, coordinating details, and packing and unpacking belongings. This service is especially helpful for clients transitioning into memory care.

Rightsizing: If your home feels too big and hard to manage, we can help you rightsize to a living space that fits perfectly. Using a gentle, supportive approach every step of the way, we can make the whole process less daunting. Our professionals can help you sort through a lifetime of belongings and send selected family treasures to relatives. We can also handle space planning; coordinate relocation services; arrange packing, unpacking and reorganizing; help you adjust to new routines in a new place; and even refer you to quality estate sale services, if needed.


Any major life change can be emotional and disruptive. That includes moving to a new place, adjusting to a new baby, loss of (or making room for) a family member and other events. Adjusting to a major transition while pursuing a career at the same time? That’s even harder. 


NEU Spaces helps you maintain balance and harmony, so you can keep up with the demands of your career without missing a beat and still get the most out of your new lifestyle. We can help you create a practical living space and even set up document management systems that make sense for you. We can also manage holiday decorations, including custom design and setup as well as breakdown and storage for next year.



Our small business experts can develop support systems and processes that let you focus on what you do best: working with clients and customers. So you don’t have to get bogged down with operations and paperwork. We can draft policy and procedure manuals, help you advertise for, interview and evaluate job candidates, create secure and accessible filing systems, organize your work flow and perform other critical functions. With NEU Spaces on your side, your business can run more smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to respond timely to clients.