What You Can Expect From Us

Every NEU Spaces by Jenn client has unique needs and expectations. So our first priority is to understand your current living situation and how you want it to change. This usually involves an initial phone consultation, followed by a detailed on-site assessment.

Based on these data-gathering activities, our team of professionals will create a proposed action plan that includes the steps needed to get your space and your life organized, along with a detailed estimate of our fees.


  • Decluttering: Together, we’ll go through the key areas of your home focusing on separating the things you don’t need from the ones you do. Then we’ll find a logical, accessible place for everything. Even if you decide the best place is in the trash.

  • Space Planning: We’ll discuss your lifestyle and movement patterns with you, measure your new space and take an inventory of all your personal belongings, to make sure that everything fits just right. Based on this collaborative process, we’ll show you how everything will work together efficiently and naturally in your new space.

  • Paper Management: Our team will create an ideal paper and filing system, leaving you feeling confident that your documents and files will be well organized, secure and easy to maintain. As well as assist you with determining what to shred and what to keep.

  • Holiday Displays: At the beginning of each holiday season, we’ll get your decorations out and help you set them up; when the season ends we’ll organize, label and help you store them - including purging broken and dated decor that take up space - so everything will be easy to find next year.

  • Sales-Readiness: If you’re putting your home on the market, we’ll give it a “ready to sell” look that will accentuate your space while you continue living in your home. We’ll also provide techniques and tips for making your home look great for an open house.

  • Packing & Unpacking: Our professionals will carefully pack and label your precious belongings before your move, then put everything away in its proper place in your new digs. This specialized service leaves you with a functional and efficient use of space in your new home.

  • Aging Adult Transition: In addition to managing your loved one’s physical move, we provide compassionate support that’s sensitive to the challenges of a senior adjusting to daily life in a new environment.